The fully automatic parking of the Entrepreneurial Bank is located in a land of 10 meters by 16.5 meters dimensions. The parking lot is designed for 48 parking spaces. The car parking is according to the most advanced systems, and without the need for pallet, i.e. the car is delivered from the turn table and automatically parked on the destination floor. The system consists of three main parts, called vertical lift, shuttle and robot, respectively. Because all mechanical components in these three parts are manufactured at the factory with high precision, the reliability of this method is very high compared to any other methods.

The project is unique in its kind and its progress is in accordance with the project schedule. Currently, parking structures have been constructed and implemented, and many of the mechanisms related to the three main parts have been made at the factory. subsequently, a vertical lift installation will begin soon, and then shuttle and robot will be installed.

According to the project schedule, the project will be launched in 2018.

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