The purpose of the workshop lift is a reliable system for vertical displacement of any kind of goods in industrial environments.


Value proposition
The workshop lift is a versatile goods lift. GE Lift distinguishes itself in producing robust industrial goods lifts, with its tailor-made design and manufacturing system. A load capacity ranging from 500 Kg to 3000Kg and a platform with the requested size could be adapted to suit the customer’s needs, makes it highly flexible design. Furthermore, GE Lift robust design and manufacturing system allows overtaking any customer request.

Suitable for workshop spaces, factories and industrial centers.


Having a corridor suitable for lifting.

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Technical Specifications
The workshop lift is a completely knocked-down package and all parts of high quality from leading world brands. The lift has the ability to carry loads continuously.
All parts comply with EN 81-41 are designed and implemented. The workshop lift, with its precise height adjustment system, is trusted to the level the floor thanks to its high strength structures, arms and proper bearings.
The installation of the equipment is very quick and there is no other activity in place of the project, except for preparation and installation.
Other features are included in the technical specifications table

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