GeLift is one of the pioneers of automatic and semi-automatic parking systems. Ge Lift has launched various products in lift systems, also. Industrial lifts with forklift and scissors mechanisms, semi-automatic and fully automatic parking are designed and built with industrial approach for permanent working, that include the most prominent products of the organization.

In urban life, difficulty in finding the right parking position for our cars is something that many of us have experienced. The need for parking is evident in residential areas, administrative and urban spaces, especially in the downtown. Our value proposition of is to provide a satisfactory solution for this urban demand.

The reliability and safety of the mechanized parking equipment must be high enough for continuous operating without any interruption. GE Lift systems are based on this principle and are in full compliance with international standards. Quality is the most important priority in designing and manufacturing of our products. Providing products with minimum maintenance and repair activities are one of the priorities in the design culture of the organization.

Innovation is the foundation of the GE Lift organization. Innovational culture is included in internal processes, product design, channels to the market and customer relationship management systems. Scissor lifts and hydraulic jacks with lifting movenent up to 30 meters are examples of innovation in our products and an indication of the creativity and know-how of our organization, which is visible to everyone.

Today’s world, the population and number of cars are increasing and living spaces are decreasing, but becoming more valuable. There is only one logical solution to the lack of space in homes and workplaces, and it is the use of technologies and intelligent products to optimize occupied spaces. Therefore, maximizing parking spaces is a necessity and justifies the necessity of automatic parking systems.