Parking is a major problem and need of big cities in the world, and the proud of the various companies, who are engaged in the field around the world, is finding a complete solution to meet this public need.

The founder of GE Lift, in order to respond to the customer’s want, has devoted all his expertise in the design of precision industrial parts and servo fine blanking to the design, construction and implementation of all kinds of lifting systems, including lifting scissors, semi-automatic parking systems and fully automatic parking systems.

Our prior knowledge and heterogeneous capabilities for designing, manufacturing and implementing lift systems, scissors, semi-automatic, and fully automatic parking in accordance with international standards, along with all the intricacies required for structural and architectural design, are leveraged for solution provider in the parking space problem in world-class level.

With the aim of examining all aspects and market segmentation, the goal is to target the great Middle East markets, especially the Iranian market. Currently, GE Lift products have been operating for many years in different cities of the target market, without interruption, and with high reliability, and the most respected clients of the organization, which are our core partners, are the proof of the truth of this argument.